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San Tropez
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Song Name: San Tropez

Artist: Pink Floyd

Album: Meddle, Shine On

Run Time: 3:43

Year: 1971

Track Number: 4

Sung By: Roger Waters

Written By: Roger Waters


  • The song has an upbeat, jazzy tempo, with a tropical feel to it, including a short slide guitar solo from David Gilmour and an extended piano solo by Richard Wright at the end. Unlike the other tracks on Meddle, "San Tropez" was not written collaboratively; instead, Roger Waters wrote the piece himself and brought it into the studio already finished.
  • The album was loosely based on Pink Floyd's life around this time. The whole band went to the French Riviera's village of Saint-Tropez with their then-girlfriends and had a great peaceful time, hence the peaceful nature of this song and the title.

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