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Song Name: Speak to Me

Artist: Pink Floyd

Album: The Dark Side of the Moon, Shine On

Run Time: 1:30

Year: 1973

Track Number: 1

Written By: Nick Mason


  • Drummer Nick Mason receives a rare solo credit for the track, although main band songwriter Roger Waters subsequently claimed this was a "gift" to Mason, one which Waters came to regret after his acrimonious departure from the group.
    Speak To Me

    Speak To Me

  • The song itself features no lyrics (although it contains parts of the conversation tapes that Pink Floyd recorded, as well a short snippet of Clare Torry's vocal performance on "The Great Gig In The Sky"), and consists of a series of sound effects. It leads into the first performance piece on the album, "Breathe". As a result, they are usually played together on the radio.
  • Noticeable sound effects include:
  • The heartbeat that is faintly heard at the beginning of the track is heard at the end of the album. This creates a segue between Speak to Me and Eclipse, making the album cycle

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